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Industrial dock loading doors

Dock loading systems in Staffordshire and the Midlands

Our traffic light control kits come complete with 100mm diameter red and green traffic light lenses, and each lens has 40 LEDs wired to integral dock levelling control equipment.


Loading dock lights have 150W PAR 38 Edison screw floodlights with adjustable steel head mounted on a steel box section arm with a 1000mm reach, complete with on/off rocker switch.

Our dock levelling ramps are typically three-phase 415V power operated and come in standard sizes to function with other equipment.


The operation of the dock levelling ramps is via a separate control unit or by a multi function unit interlocked with other dock equipment.


Both dock levelling ramps and dock shelters are fabricated from durable steel and are specifically designed to be as long lasting and efficient as possible.

Dock levelling ramps and dock shelters

Traffic light controls and loading dock lights

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Ltd provides a range of dock loading equipment in standard sizes and to specific requirements.


The wide range of options in our dock loading systems makes it simple to install or update standard sized equipment while allowing you to get exactly what you require if non-standard equipment is required.

  • Dock levelling ramps

  • Dock shelters

  • Traffic light control kits

  • Loading dock lights

  • Operation sequence control panels

  • Vehicle wheel guides

What we offer:

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