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Fast action doors fitted in across the country

Our fast action doors are designed for easy maintenance / repair and have the fewest moving parts possible. Wear and tear is reduced by springless barrels, no cable tensioning systems and other features.


The doors offer an energy efficient solution to controlling temperature, air flow, noise and air borne pollutants.

Rapid roll doors and rapid action fast fold doors

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Ltd can provide fast action doors with automated opening systems.


Our automatic doors are both effective and reliable, and our maintenance service will keep all new and existing doors in the best condition.


We make sure that the door operates in the manner you specify whether its actuated via:

• Inductive magnetic loops

• Photocells

• Microwave

• Radio transmitter

• Radar

• Pull cords

• Push buttons

Find out more about the advantages of fast action doors please call:

01543 317 304