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High security fate with fencing and barbed wires

Industrial gates installations

If you want swift, easy access to your business premises while maintaining high security, automatic gates add that extra convenience.


The industrial gates we supply can be automated to either swing or slide open with a variety of actuation devices and access controls.

Our security gates have frames manufactured from mild steel box section measuring 60mm x 40mm, 100mm x 50mm, or 120mm x 80mm (dependent on gate size), and are fitted with drop bolts and hasp and staples for locking.


Like our security fencing the gates are fitted with tri-spike pales and set on horizontal frames of 50mm x 50mm x 6mm mild steel angle. They are hung on suitable posts (size and specification dependent on size and position of opening) via multiple adjustable eye bolt hinges (size and quantity dependent on gate size).

Security gates for all industrial purposes

Industrial gate automation

We can supply and install a range of gates to match our security fencing or as an independent addition to your security.


Whether you're looking for industrial gates or security gates, all are specifically designed and installed according to your requirements.


Built to the highest technical specifications, all of our gates are installed by our skilled team to ensure that they will stand the test of time.

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For effective control of visitors entering and exiting your premises an advanced automatic barrier system is the perfect solution, maintaining security while deterring unauthorised intruders.


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Automatic barriers