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We install all of our products with the upmost care and take pride in the standard we acheive, as many of our long existing customers would agree.


Unfortunately the quality service that we provide does not prevent accidents or damage from occuring thus compromising the integrity/security.


We reccomend that any installation of ours is scheduled for an anual service to ensure it; complies with up-to-date legislation, is safe to use and any worn parts are replaced to prevent more serious damage occuring.


Services can also be aranged for installtions not fitted by us.


We repair all types of Shutters and Doors as well as Gates & Barriers, Dock Loading Systems and Security Fencing.


The majority of materials required to fix most structural, mechanical or electrical problems are held in stock, but some repairs will require materials we do not have.

Repair and Maintenance

Our Promise

We offer a genuine 24/7 call out service 365 days a year.


Whether you require access or security, we ensure that our engineers will carry out the necessary work required to satisfy your need.

Due to the nature of repair work / emergency call outs, it is not always possible to provide a quotation.

Our competative rates are acheived by working on a Time sheet & Material Basis without compromising on the quality.

(Hourly rates and milage costs are available upon request)

"Normal" working hours Mon - Fri between 08:00 - 16:30.